Biden WH to issue memo to halt or delay midnight regulations on Jan. 20

Midnight regulations are federal government regulations created by executive branch agencies in the lame duck period of an outgoing president’s administration. Every outgoing president since Jimmy Carter has made a push to finalize new rules in the final lame duck months of their administrations, according to the George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center.

CNN previously reported that Trump’s political appointees are planning an array of last-minute federal regulations ahead of Biden’s inauguration, including rules that would tighten immigration, make it harder to enforce environmental protections and possibly eliminate food assistance for millions of Americans.

Psaki pointed to a rule that she said the Department of Labor was expected to publish before January 20 “that would make it easier for companies to call their workers independent contractors to avoid minimum wage and overtime protections.” She criticized the rule, saying it would make it easier to “misclassify employees as independent contractors” and cost workers money, and said the memo would potentially freeze the rule and not allow it to be implemented.