McConnell tries to minimize the harm from a vengeful Trump

Mr. Trump lost his re-election bid even as Republicans did better down-ballot because more voters liked his policies than liked him. The President hewed to a largely conservative agenda as long as he needed to maintain GOP support. But now that he’ll soon leave Washington, he’s throwing that over to punish Republicans and anyone else who refuses to indulge his fantasies about overturning the election.

That’s the only explanation for his decision to join Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer in pushing for $2,000 Covid relief checks after his own negotiators had settled for $600 and the bill had passed Congress. Mr. Trump is trying to punish Mitch McConnell, the Majority Leader, and John Thune, a member of the Senate leadership, because they have recognized that Mr. Biden won the election…

With two Georgia Senate runoffs looming on Jan. 5, Mr. Trump seems intent on hurting GOP chances while blaming Senate leaders in advance if the Republican incumbents lose. Never mind that he has put Republicans on the spot by siding with Democrats on the $2,000 checks.