The appalling hypocrisy of woke corporations

Even more horrifying is the separate Associated Press report that detected the existence of family-detention centers where Uyghur women are subject to forced sterilization and abortions, as well as other appalling physical and psychological abuse. Just weeks after the AP’s report, drone footage of Uyghurs being blindfolded, handcuffed, and led onto train cars went viral, too. Indeed, the evidence of China’s grave human-rights abuses and use of forced labor can hardly be ignored. Every time American consumers come across the words “Made in China” on a clothing label, they ought to recoil. Nevertheless, the onus is still on the retailers to stop cooperating with slave masters.

Corporate wokeness is the worst kind because of its hypocrisy and blatant self-interest. The Co-op launched a “gender-neutral” gingerbread person. Starbucks came up with a special mermaid cookie to help raise money for a sinister child sex-change charity. Marks & Spencer had an LGBT sandwich (the “G” being guacamole). As customers, we are all well acquainted now with emails and company messaging about pride month and Black Lives Matter. We have all grown accustomed to this nauseating pretense. And yet, when it comes to a highly profitable form of modern-day slavery — where are the woke corporations? Silent or covering themselves.