Poll: Face mask wearing is up, but willingness to be vaccinated is not

In this week’s Economist/YouGov Poll, 44% of Republicans say they are at least somewhat worried about contracting the virus, a slight increase from last week. More important, however, is that Republicans are now more likely to be doing something about the threat from the virus. Half (50%) say they now always wear a face mask when out in public, up ten points in the last week (40%)…

When it is available, many won’t take it. This week, only 41% of Americans say they will get vaccinated against COVID-19, while 31% say they will not (more than a quarter are unsure). Majorities of Democrats (62%), the college-educated (58%), and people with higher incomes (57%) say they will take the vaccine, as will older Americans: about half (51%) of those 65 and older will get vaccinated.

In other groups the percentage willing to be vaccinated is less than half.