There's nothing unfair about investigating the Bidens' shady dealings

In simple terms, the underlying issue is this: (1) Hunter Biden’s business dealings are shady; (2) Hunter Biden on his own is a nobody who doesn’t bring anything to the table of shadiness; (3) the most likely and obvious reason to recruit Hunter Biden into a shady business deal is as a proxy for his father. There isn’t an apprenticeship for shadiness, and nobody bribes an unconnected person for practice. Ultimately, what we want to know is not whether Hunter Biden had corrupt dealings with Beijing moneymen and Ukrainian oligarchs but whether Joe Biden did, with Hunter Biden acting as an intermediary and purse. These questions are neither outrageous nor unfounded, and they merit serious investigation.

Joe Biden’s defense will be, and has been, that this is nothing more than his political enemies using his troubled son against him. Hunter Biden is a troubled man, and one sympathizes with him and his father. But Hunter Biden also is a man who has been paid tremendous sums of money in exchange for what appears to be very little more than an eager smile and one of the names on his birth certificate.

Unquestionably corrupt? No. Questionable? Yes, and then some. So, ask the questions. That’s what investigations are for.