Tulsi Gabbard’s last stand

Last week, Gabbard introduced the Protect Women’s Sports Act, legislation that would prevent biological men from competing in women’s sports. Gabbard understands that keeping men and women’s sports separate is a question of basic fairness for female athletes — Chelsea Mitchell, a high-school track runner, for example, has lost out on four state titles because she’s had to compete against two individuals who were born male. The pro-identity politics left, however, has argued that rational, logical stances like this are ‘transphobic’ and the people who support them are ‘TERFs’.

The blowback didn’t deter Gabbard, who is used to being on the outs with her party. She also introduced this week a bill that would require doctors to give life-saving medical care to babies who survive abortions, and followed it up with another piece of legislation on Wednesday banning abortions for unborn babies are capable of feeling pain. These were especially surprising because Gabbard describes herself as pro-choice and voted against a similar ban as recently as 2017. The Democratic party, which has floated the idea of a litmus test on abortion for its candidates, will certainly not be thrilled at this apparent change of heart.

Finally, Gabbard teamed up with libertarian-leaning Republican Rep. Thomas Massie on the Protect Our Civil Liberties Act, which would repeal the Patriot Act and the FISA Amendments Act that allow mass spying and data collection on Americans.