The new RSVP: A signed coronavirus "waiver"

Coronavirus waivers that must be returned with your R.S.V.P. are becoming a new norm for social events this season, including holiday parties, birthdays, weddings, proms, large-scale celebrations and even family reunions.

Hosts say that they don’t want to be held legally responsible in case one of their guests gets infected at their event, while larger outfits like Soho House say the waivers are just an extension of existing policies…

Guests are usually happy to sign, often because they don’t believe they will get infected.

“If I have to sign a waiver, I have to sign a waiver,” said Karan Eschweiler, 54, a retired public school administrator from St. Charles, Mo., who signed a waiver before attending a 100th birthday celebration last month for Stan Musial, the storied St. Louis Cardinals baseball player, at Busch Stadium. “What I do for fun is go to the Cardinals games. So I kind of felt like, this is my chance to get into the stadium and do something Cardinal related.”