"It is madness": Governors rage over stimulus snub

Leaders across the country pleaded with Congress for months to reach a deal that would deliver hundreds of billions of dollars to plug budget holes and shore up everything from schools to emergency services. But the $900 billion emerging deal, expected to include direct checks to Americans and a weekly unemployment boost of $300 through March, will not provide the state and local aid that was requested…

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who claims he’s facing a $15 billion budget gap, slammed the news as “hyper-political parochialism” that will bankrupt his state and worsen the burden of responding to the pandemic.

“This is a major problem. It’s also a major disgrace. We have been talking about this for months, since before the election, and then after the election, people were supposed to put their politics aside and actually do their job. Apparently that hasn’t happened,” Cuomo, a Democrat and the chairman of the National Governors Association, said Wednesday at a news conference in Albany.

“I need hospitals and nurses and National Guard to do this unprecedented operation,” he added. “ Now is when you want to bankrupt New York? It is madness. Madness.”