QAnon supporters vow to leave GOP after McConnell accepts election result

Supporters of QAnon, which the FBI has listed as a domestic terrorist threat, were certainly angry with McConnell, with people accusing him of working for the “deep state” and referring to him as a “RINO” [Republican in name only].

A number of QAnon accounts also announced on social media that they are considering leaving the GOP as a result of McConnell’s betrayal against Trump, who the conspiracy theorists see as a savior-like figure.

“You’re a disgrace,” tweeted @MAGAGwen to its 82,000 followers.

“You congratulate Biden but BEG us to send you money for the GA runoff. You & the @GOP aren’t getting another dime. I’m seriously thinking about registering as an Independent after seeing how gutless my party is.”

“Congratulations bitch McConnell today marked the death knell of the GOP because of your treasonous actions telling party members not to back Trump,” added @Nadler_a, a Twitter account with “digital soldiers” in the bio, a popular phrase which refers to followers of QAnon.