Libertarians suck

The election wasn’t spoiled by principled champions of small government and personal freedom. It was spoiled by entitled, elitist brats who still read George Will unironically. They couldn’t tell their friends at bridge club they were voting for Orange Bad Man, but they couldn’t bring themselves to pull the lever for Mr Biden either. So, they split the difference. They railroaded President Badman while keeping their hands clean of the Biden-Harris regime. I’m sure it’ll be a real lark when we’re all standing in a breadline waiting for our ration of gluten-free sprouted- grain vegan brioche. ‘Don’t blame me,’ they’ll chuckle. ‘I voted for Jo!’

Liberal Republicans have no future in the Trumpified GOP and the Libertarian party has no future, period. They might be able to join forces and create a milquetoast centrist party, like Britain’s Liberal Democrats. They could embrace their role as pampered vandals and content themselves with suicide bombing conservatives every four years.

Or they can come back to the Anti-Democrat party. They can do what the rest of us do: choke down our cocktails and pretend we don’t hate each other just long enough to prevent the Democrats from taking the White House. They can do the hard work of winning hearts and minds in the GOP, as Goldwater did in 1964 and Buchanan in 1992.