Congress can overcome Trump's objection to renaming bases named after Confederates

Few things unite a fractious Congress during these divisive times, but removing the names of men who committed treason to preserve slavery brought them together. Months ago, the House and Senate passed versions of the defense authorization bill with veto-proof majorities, but now The Post reports “softening” among Republicans.

The two-thirds majority in each house needed to override a presidential veto may be in danger, and some members are searching for ways to revise the bill, pushing the decision about renaming the Army bases into the next administration and the next Congress.

Such temporizing would be a disgrace in this year of racial reckoning. Congress should take a stand, letting the president know that it will override his veto and withdraw the honors for these Confederate generals, who constitute a motley assortment of pro-slavery activists, postwar white supremacists, poor tacticians, traitors and war criminals.