Trump’s 2016 transition defined his presidency. Biden’s might, too.

Yet to critics and even some allies, Trump’s failures to run a meaningful transition hurt his ability to govern in the first year and beyond.

“They still haven’t recovered,” said former Gov. Chris Christie, in a podcast released over the summer by the Partnership for Public Service, a non-partisan group. Christie was the original head of the Trump transition team, before being ousted after Trump’s win.

“The first year was almost over, and they still hadn’t recovered because you cannot recover from the loss of all of that work,” he said. “As you can see, in the beginning of the Trump White House there were either lots of empty seats or ones that were filled out with lots of Obama holdovers.”

The ramifications, he argued, were extensive.

“It just has impacted this administration in every substantive way you can imagine since they did that,” Christie said.