Obama says some Republicans drive message that "white men are victims"

Appearing on the syndicated radio show “The Breakfast Club,” Obama said Wednesday, “What’s always interesting to me is the degree to which you’ve seen created in Republican politics the sense that White males are victims.”

The country’s 44th president continued noting, “They are the ones who are under attack – which obviously doesn’t jive with both history and data and economics. But that’s a sincere belief that’s been internalized, that’s a story that’s being told and how you unwind that is going to be not something that is done right away, it’s going to take some time.”

Obama said during the interview that the Trump administration “has failed miserably in handling just basic looking after the American people and keeping them safe” during the coronavirus pandemic. Still, Trump put up a competitive fight against President-elect Joe Biden, Obama said, because millions felt “under attack” by Democrats.

“It turns out politics is not just about policy, it’s not just about numbers, it’s about the stories that are being told,” the former president said.