Tucker Carlson claims 2020 election was "rigged against Trump in plain view"

‘You’ve heard a lot over the past few days about the security of our electronic voting machines. And this is a real issue, no matter who raises it or who tries to dismiss it out of hand as a conspiracy theory,’ Carlson said.

‘Electronic voting is not as secure as traditional hand-counting, period. It never will be as secure. Voters can see this because it’s obvious, and it makes them nervous.’

Carlson blamed US leaders for sowing the doubt over the machines’ legitimacy, and claimed that other countries have sought to avoid electronic voting because they too ‘know it undermines confidence in democracy’.

‘Going forward, we need to find out exactly what happened in this month’s presidential election. We need to find out no matter how long it takes the investigation to unfold or how much it costs,’ Carlson implored.