Trump 2024

Part B of the promising Trump post-presidency is the do-over 2024 presidential campaign. Assuming no health issues arise, Mr. Trump would tower over the emerging field of GOP hopefuls, in the way that Ronald Reagan towered over the field in 1980, only more so. The Republican Party, after all, is no longer the Republican Party. It’s the Trump-Populist Party. And the Trump-Populist Party will nominate as its 2024 standard-bearer Donald Trump, not, say, Sen. Tom Cotton or Sen. Josh Hawley.

Part B is, I would guess, the exit ramp that finally enables Trump to concede-but-not-really the election results and leave the White House “bloody but unbowed.” He would do so with a mighty army of voters committed to his restoration. He would loom, on TV, as a one-man shadow government.

Whatever happens, the idea that he will go gently into that good night is as deranged as the conspiracy theories currently on display. On January 20th, shortly after noon Eastern Time, the Trump “re-election” campaign will commence. It may not make it to 2024, for any number of reasons. It won’t be for lack of trying.