Trump fans, Fox News is not the problem

Fox News is the only place where the president gets a fair shake among big media outlets. Yes, there are newer alternatives, but they don’t yet have the infrastructure and reporters to cover the world the way Fox can (they’re aided immeasurably by being owned by someone who owns news outlets around the globe). These challengers are working their way there, but for now, Fox is the only game around.

Moreover, Fox is the only place where stories of interest to conservatives are reported on TV, and Republican ideals are discussed in a serious non- “these people are Hitler reincarnated” kind of way. That’s hugely important.

Are there people who are sometimes rude or disrespectful to conservative guests or the sensibilities of the audience? Of course. But this isn’t unique to Fox. Every couple of weeks, Meet the Press accidentally has an actual conservative on their panel and #FireChuckTodd starts trending on social media. Conservatives should not be like those people.