Business and world leaders move on as Trump fights to reverse election

Bank trade groups have begun meeting with Biden aides in anticipation of new fights over regulation. Foreign diplomats assuming a sharp turn in American foreign policy are retooling their agendas. Corporate executives, who are usually allergic to political statements, are saying out loud what most of Mr. Trump’s supporters have so far refused to acknowledge…

The swing from Mr. Trump to Mr. Biden is particularly obvious on the world stage, where both allies and adversaries are doing an about-face.

In Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who took office hoping to exploit his rapport with Mr. Trump, pivoted immediately. Cheered by an early phone call with the president-elect, Mr. Johnson this week rolled out ambitious initiatives in military spending and climate policy that seemed calculated to please Mr. Biden, and dovetail with his priorities.

The Iranians have begun to put out statements clearly meant to lure the new Biden administration into a conversation about returning to the fundamentals, if not the letter, of the 2015 nuclear accord.