Poll: Trump voters still see Biden's victory as illegitimate

Two weeks after the Presidential election where Democratic nominee Joe Biden won 270 Electoral College votes and the presidency, those on the other side continue to reject that outcome. President Donald Trump, and the vast majority of his supporters in the latest Economist/YouGov poll, deny that Biden was legitimately elected (88%), say voter fraud affecting the outcome (89%) and believe that recounts may change the election results (43%).

Nearly nine in ten Trump voters (88%) don’t think the President-Elect won legitimately, and their problems with the election mirror those expressed by the defeated incumbent. Nine in ten Trump voters believe that mail balloting was manipulated to favor Biden (91%) and that illegal immigrants tried to vote fraudulently (89%). Nearly all the President’s voters claim fraud occurred in the election (79% said there was “a lot” of it), with most believing fraud changed the outcome.