Jake Tapper tells Colbert why he stopped booking Trump spokesmen

Of course, that hasn’t stopped Trump campaign spokespeople from going on cable news every day since the election was called for Joe Biden and acting like Trump still has a chance to win. But when Colbert asked Tapper how he handles that sort of thing, he said, “I don’t book those guests.”

“You don’t?” Colbert asked, likely recalling Tapper’s infamous showdowns with figures like Kellyanne Conway. “Not anymore?”

“No, I stopped booking just out-and-out liars a while ago,” Tapper replied. “But I mean yeah, no, Joe Biden will be sworn in on January 20th, 2021. Period.”

As for those court cases that Trump and his minions keep hyping, the anchor said, “I looked at a bunch of them, you know, and they’re nonsense. Because the standard of evidence in a courtroom is a little higher than on Twitter.”