Trump, for once, listened when aides told him to lay low

No rally. No sparring with reporters. No unwieldy Fox News interviews. No unscripted moments with world leaders.

Yes, there was his always-active Twitter feed. And there was even one speech late Friday about the progress of a coronavirus vaccine, announced on two-hours’ notice. But even then, the president mostly read from a script before deferring to advisers to carry the bulk of the event. He then succinctly thanked the audience and walked off as journalists shouted questions and staffers applauded.

Before the event, aides had urged Trump to not take questions so the headlines from the event would simply be about the success of a potential vaccine. For once, he listened…

Advisers do believe Trump will eventually accept the results of the election, even if he never does so publicly. Several speculate he will retreat to his South Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago, in late January, where he will eventually settle into a routine of fundraising for Republicans, providing outside commentary on Biden and contemplating his presidential library.

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