Save the Uighurs. Boycot

The current state of amoral commerce is an anomaly in American history. During the Cold War, American businesses were partners against the Soviet Union. When Nikita Khrushchev visited the United States, he was keen on visiting Disneyland. Disney’s board of directors, however, was staunchly anti-communist and forbad Khrushchev from visiting. Today, the same Walt Disney Corporation has, by going out of its way to appeal to the Chinese audience, made itself a propaganda arm of the CCP. The most recent example is the movie Mulan, based on a Chinese legend which Disney bastardized to appease the CCP by falsely depicting the protagonist as a loyal agent of the emperor. In the credits of the remake of Mulan, Disney offered special thanks to the authorities in Xinjiang—the same ones confining millions of Uighur Muslims in concentration camps.

Disney is not alone in Hollywood. A recent and damning report by the free expression organization PEN America details how the entertainment industry is censoring its own members—or, put another way, how entertainment companies are censoring themselves—to appease the CCP’s interest. Simply put, not only are American entertainment institutions complicit in the CCP’s outrageous violations of human rights, but they are also voluntarily submitting themselves and by extension American audiences to a share of the CCP’s tyranny.

And the story does not end with the entertainment industry.

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