Team Biden's new strategy: Run out the clock

“They don’t want to break anything in the last three weeks,” said one Democratic strategist. “If the election were held today, they would win. They know it, and more importantly, Trump knows it.”

“To put it simply, they’re winning,” the strategist added. “And they don’t need to do much. They need to firm up their support and call it a game.”

In recent weeks, Biden has been traveling more than he had earlier in the pandemic — making short trips to key battleground states as he did on Tuesday when he traveled to Florida — but his campaign has usually limited events to one speech a day. Those speeches are largely the same and his campaign has all but avoided long-ranging, sit-down national interviews where he could be asked a prickly question. And last week, when Biden got into a political standoff with Trump over the format of the second debate, it was Biden’s team that said take it or leave it.

Chris Lehane, a Democratic presidential campaign veteran, said that “while Team Biden is indeed milking the clock, importantly they are not sitting on the ball but looking to score when there is an open shot.”