"We're not afraid": Complacency is king as COVID-19 retakes New York

But with some experts fearing a second COVID-19 wave—or a backsplash of the first—misconceptions about immunity and social distancing have Brooklyn’s ultra-Orthodox in danger of getting soaked a second time. The surge threatens not just to help unravel local progress in containing the coronavirus pandemic, but to hamstring school reopenings across America’s largest city.

“Most of the community had it already, so we’re not so worried,” 32-year-old Aron Brever told The Daily Beast in Borough Park, his blue mask hanging around his beard. Brever said he, his wife, and his children all tested positive for the disease in March, but experienced little other than a loss of taste and smell.

“We’re careful, but we’re not afraid,” he added.

Public-health experts and government agencies, the embattled Centers for Disease Control and Prevention among them, have said that past infection and attendant antibodies may offer only limited—if any—protection, especially six months later.

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