Dems have few tools to slow Barrett confirmation vote before Election Day

Regardless of meetings with individual senators, Barrett will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Oct. 12 to begin three to four days of hearings, the panel’s chairman, Sen. Lindsey Graham, announced Saturday.

After the hearings, Democrats can delay the nomination from being reported out of committee for a single week, according to committee rules. But even with that delay, Barrett’s nomination could still be teed up for a final vote on the Senate floor before Nov. 3.

Bill Hoagland, a former senior aide to then-Republican Majority Leader Bill Frist, told ABC News that an “act of God” may need to intervene in order to prevent Republicans from moving forward.

“To be honest with you, there is very little that I can see that Democrats can do as it relates to stopping the proceedings for the consideration, hearings, and voting it out of committee and then on the floor,” Hoagland said.