Barr's Justice Department serves up talking points for Trump

In recent days, the Justice Department has declassified or disclosed sensitive materials related to each of these proceedings that, on the surface, have little to do with each other. Yet within hours, President Donald Trump had weaponized each to boost his reelection campaign.

It’s the latest evidence that veteran prosecutors and attorneys — and, over the weekend, even a current DOJ official — describe as an intensifying effort to use the department to support Trump’s political fortunes.

“These actions are not typical,” said William Jeffress, a veteran defense lawyer who represented former President Richard Nixon after he left the White House. “Tradition is that politically sensitive actions by DOJ go dark at least 60 days before an election.”…

“The attorney general is working hand in glove with the White House and the Trump reelection campaign,” said Gene Rossi, a former federal prosecutor from Virginia turned white collar defense lawyer. “We have not seen that level of unseemly coordination since Attorney General John Mitchell.”

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