Why moderates’ best bet is to vote for Trump

Today’s Democrats are far hungrier, united not just on pushing Medicare for All and some form of the Green New Deal, but on criminal-justice “reforms” along the lines of New York’s no-bail law — which even Mayor de Blasio’s police commissioner, Dermot Shea, says is a big reason for the city’s crime wave.

True: Joe Biden is no fire-breathing radical; he’s stuck firmly to the center of the Democratic Party for his entire career. But the party as a whole has shifted furiously left, and Joe has marched faithfully along with it. He gave Bernie Sanders a huge role in writing this year’s platform — and the Vermont socialist is proud of the result.

Even if Biden has second thoughts in office, he’ll be beholden to the party’s left, and it’s not even clear how much control the 77-year-old will really have over his own administration.

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