Ten fans told to quarantine after contact with infected fan at Texans-Chiefs opener

The Kansas City Chiefs announced on Thursday that 10 fans have been told to go into quarantine for potentially being exposed to COVID-19. According to the Kansas City Department of Health, the infected fan watched the Chiefs’ Sept. 10 opener against the Texans from box seats at Arrowhead Stadium. The fans who are being asked to quarantine were all sitting in the same “pod” as the infected fan. There were a total of 15,895 fans in attendance at the stadium with all fans being separated into their own pods to prevent an outbreak.

“The individual and the individual’s group were seated in the lower level of the stadium,” the Chiefs said in a statement. “By design, the stadium’s COVID protocol plan limited potential exposure to a single seating zone within the stadium. All staff with known interactions with the positive case were required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), including a mask. Additionally, the protocols in place at the stadium require all attendees to be wearing masks inside the stadium.”