Why the Trump campaign believes it has Biden on the ropes

The Trump campaign has tried to reassure its supporters and financiers that nothing is amiss. According to a senior adviser to the campaign not authorized to speak on the record, campaign manager Bill Stepien has told prominent Republican financiers that the campaign is spending far more this cycle on an aggressive ground game that didn’t exist in 2016. The campaign has 280 offices throughout the country, a number that dwarfs the Biden operation. They also believe their campaign is more data-driven than Biden’s, allowing it to identify and contact potential Trump supporters. Stepien told nervous Republicans that the campaign continues to outspend Biden in online advertising. It spent nearly $60 million in August and the first week of September, compared to $43 million for Biden.

The campaign official notes that despite going dark in Pennsylvania for more than a month—and being outspent in virtually every other key battleground state— the polls have held steady or even improved for Trump. Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania is 4.3 percent, according to an aggregation of several polls by Real Clear Politics. His overall margin in the battleground states that will determine the election’s outcome is 3.7 percent, just outside the margin of error, according to RCP.

The Trump campaign believes its emphasis on ”law and order” in the wake of this summer’s urban unrest has put Biden on the defensive.