Best bet to beat COVID-19 this fall? Flu shots

It is within our power to change the course of history: If we improved flu shot rates by just 5%, the CDC estimates we would avoid nearly 483,000 flu infections. That extra 5% is the most measurable impact we can have on COVID right now. Because it maintains enough crucial resources for basic medical necessities, which actually save the most lives: a bed with oxygen for any hospitalized patient, a ventilator for anyone with respiratory distress, life-saving steroid treatments for $1.10 a pill and doctors and nurses, equipped with 50-cent N95 masks, attentive to any change in patient condition.

The moment any of these precious resources become scarce, deaths could spiral out of control. Already, more than 190,000 are dead. Social distancing, mask-wearing and herd immunity all may work to keep COVID in check, but why take additional risks when the only certainty is uncertainty?