Here's why I believe Trump will win

Meanwhile, we’ve never seen a Republican president generate more enthusiasm. He has an electric bond with his supporters, who rightly recognize that he is uniquely situated for these turbulent times.

Conservative, patriotic Americans and everything they hold dear have been under relentless bombardment by the militant left in all sectors of our society — culture, academia, Hollywood, the media. Everywhere they turn, they’re told that America sucks; that they are racist; that they are uncompassionate Christian bigots, homophobes and sexists. They are vilified as intolerant by the most intolerant of people and censored by those waving the banner of free speech.

Most people have no way to respond to the bullying. They’re often too intimidated to share their opinions for fear of being demonized. They have their talk radio and television defenders, but they’ve had no one in elective office to stand up for them and their essential goodness and dignity. No prominent public official has stood athwart this fraudulent, toxic narrative and said, “Enough is enough.” But in Trump they’ve found their fearless, tireless advocate. What other Republican president would have had the guts to stand against this high tide of political correctness and challenge the left’s divisive ideas, as when he recently banned federal sensitivity training on so-called white supremacy and critical race theory?