Is Joe Biden losing the Hispanic vote in Florida?

In a phone interview, Izaguirre told The Daily Beast he planned on casting his ballot for a president who has busted down every ethical norm of the executive branch, separated immigrant families crossing the border, and by most accounts monumentally botched the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, which has battered Florida.

“I’ve reached the conclusion, even with all his defects and offensiveness, Donald Trump is the person we need in the White House if we are going to continue having democracy and prosperity,” Izaguirre told The Daily Beast. “I come from a country where socialists created a society that is dependent on the government and the people are miserable.”…

Izaguirre, for one, said he could now overlook Trump’s racism because he’s more concerned about antifa and violent protesters potentially destroying neighborhoods to push a radical left agenda.

“These are delinquents who want to destroy the U.S.,” he told The Daily Beast of anti-fascists, the president’s favorite foil—and a movement that has been largely MIA in actual criminal cases over protest-related violence.