Get ready for the foreign-ballot conspiracy

All Trump and Barr need is a friend to produce some evidence for their conspiracy theory. Maybe, oh, in the form of a classified report that just so happens to leak to Sean Hannity. You don’t need a crystal ball to predict where this will go: No need to worry much about Russia interfering in the election; China is the real problem. You know—that country already flooding America with counterfeit goods. First, they came for electronic products and designer purses. Then, our ballots.

The good news is that Trump, Barr, and company are like cartoon villains who, in a slow-rolling monologue, reveal their evil plan to anyone watching the show. Election watchers already know to prepare for the possibility of a contested election. One that rests on Trump’s idea alleging the presence of counterfeit Chinese ballots has to be put into that mix.

Maybe, just maybe, though, Trump’s counterfeit-ballot conspiracy theory is a way he’s trying to save face. Given the polling, he, too, has to make preparations. Preparations to lose and explain to the public what happened to the supposed greatest president in history.