Why the nonsense about Trump refusing to leave office?

One of the Democrats’ more lunatic themes is their insistence that if President Trump loses the election, he likely will refuse to leave office, in effect staging a coup. Most recently the claim was made by Bernie Sanders. Politico headlined: “Sanders: America must be prepared for when Trump refuses to leave office.”

To some extent, this may be projection. The Democrats themselves have been staging a slow-motion coup for nearly four years, trying by hook or by crook to force our duly-elected president out of office. And they are the ones who have vowed to count and recount ballots to the last ditch, with Hillary Clinton telling Joe Biden, do “not concede under any circumstances.”

More significantly, I think the Democrats’ fantasizing about Trump illegally staying on in the White House is battlespace preparation for the election and for Trump’s second term (assuming he wins the election). The Democrats are expecting a close election that may not have a clear winner. They have warned that Trump may appear to have won in a landslide on election night, and it may take weeks of ballot counting to give Joe Biden the victory.