Nate Silver's latest shows Biden is headed for a very bad November

Nate Silver, the popular statistician and data geek who publishes his predictions for political outcomes throughout the country has released some new findings for the November Presidential Election and the news for Team Biden isn’t great. In fact, they are downright bad.

“You’ll sometimes see people say stuff like “Biden MUST with the popular vote by 3 points or he’s toast”. Not true; at 2-3 points, the Electoral College is a tossup, not necessarily a Trump win.

“OTOH, the Electoral College is not really *safe* for Biden unless he wins by 5+.

— Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) September 2, 2020”

In 2016, Clinton won the national popular vote by just over 2.8 million votes or 2.1%. Her enthusiasm rating was just 12 points behind Trump at this same time in the election (early September) in 2016. Polls found that of Trump’s base, 58% were enthusiastic about voting for the now-current-President versus just 46% of the same voters for the now-defeated Clinton. In other words, despite the majority of her voters being less-than-enthusiastic about showing up to vote for her, she still won the national popular vote by 2.1%.