If Democrats take charge next year, will COVID push gun violence down their to-do list?

Gun sales are soaring at the declining number of places in America that sell them. I think there are two reasons for this spike.

The first is that some Americans seem nervous about recent unrest, and feel the need to be armed. The second reason is that the 30% of Americans who acknowledge owning a gun fear Democrat Joe Biden will win the presidency — and that Democrats could flip the Senate, which is currently controlled by Republicans. Combined with the potential for a larger Democratic majority in the House, next year could be the best opportunity for advocates of stricter gun control to finally get something done.

So gun owners are stocking up.

In his acceptance speech at the Democratic “web-vention,” Biden spoke of “the daily fear of being gunned down in school” and how “No one’s been tougher … on the gun lobby” than him. The National Rifle Association has given Biden a grade of “F,” reflecting the former vice president’s long-standing efforts to tighten gun regulations.