GOP voters say they enjoy the "Trump Show" but want to see a plan for second term

“I am not going to give up my Second Amendment rights, and I’m absolutely for the police,” she said, “but I need to vote for things that will make my life better. I was hoping to see speakers that weren’t just regurgitating Trump. I wanted to see some glimpses of the Republican Party I’ve always supported.”

Whether they’re hardcore Trumpers, party loyalists who struggle with Trump’s manner or traditional conservatives who believe the party has lost its way, Republicans generally agree that this convention breaks the mold — not only by being staged in an empty hall, but by focusing almost entirely on one man, the president who swallowed his party whole.

For supporters such as Robbins, that focus is a good thing. The Democrats last week presented what he saw as a jagged image of a divided country, overly obsessed with the identities that separate Americans from one another.

Trump, by contrast, “just talks about us as Americans,” Robbins said. “I do want to hear more from him about what he’s going to do to make it better for people having a hard time now, but I don’t see anything wrong with him talking about the Democrats’ socialism and the people rioting in the streets.”