Poll: Democratic edge in party affiliation shrinks

As the Republican convention gets underway, recent Gallup polling finds the GOP still trailing Democrats in U.S. adults’ party affiliation but not nearly to the degree it did in June. The Democratic advantage over the Republican Party, which was an unusually large 11-percentage-points in June, is now six points. Though smaller, the current gap remains larger than it was in any of the first five months of the year…

Since June, the percentage of Americans who identify as Democrats or say they are independents who lean to the Democratic Party has fallen two points, from 50% to 48%. Meanwhile, Republican Party identification and leaning is up three points, from 39% to 42%.

The sharp changes that occurred in June came amid nationwide protests over racial justice that followed the death of George Floyd in police custody. President Donald Trump’s job approval rating fell 10 points from early May to early June as his response to the protests was widely criticized. His unpopularity likely prompted many Americans to shift away from the Republican Party, or to the Democratic Party, at that time.