Rubio bolsters 2024 profile with sympathetic approach to racial "inequities"

“We have a significant percentage of our population who believe that their lives matter less and their problems receive less attention,” Rubio, 49, said in an interview with the Washington Examiner, during which he embraced Black Lives Matter as a philosophy but was careful to distance himself from left-wing groups that have adopted the slogan. “No nation can prosper when you have a significant percentage of your population that feels that way.”

White voters are shrinking as a percentage of the electorate. Simultaneously, they are embracing more liberal views of race relations. Two polls released Wednesday are revealing. Nationally, 60% of white people believe the police treat African Americans unfairly. In battleground Wisconsin, 57% of white people approve of the Black Lives Matter movement…

“I believe there are inequities in America; they are statistically impossible to ignore,” Rubio said. “Oftentimes, people who are in positions of power and influence are either oblivious to, or simply not deeply aware of the unique challenges and obstacles facing African American and other minority communities in this country. And, as a result, those unique challenges are often left unaddressed.”