Pence tries to assure GOP senators as coronavirus cases spike

Multiple senators said Pence pointed to positive indicators, including the fact that while infections are rising, the mortality rate is not. That is partly because there is more testing, and younger and healthier people now account for larger shares of those getting tested, Pence said…

Pence told senators that only 3 percent of counties nationwide — and only 12 states — are actually experiencing case increases. Those figures don’t align with tallies by The Washington Post, which show increased cases in around 20 or more states and marked increases in 5 percent or more of counties.

“I think compared to where we were, we’re in a much better situation, but everybody knows it’s very fragile and we’ve got to stay after it,” Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) told reporters as he left the lunch. “But he wanted to assure us that they’re continuing to work with the states like mine and others that are seeing some spikes, but that the mix of people is a little different. It’s younger people who are getting the virus, people who are getting tested but may be not actually experiencing any symptoms. So it’s hard to pick one number and say that represents a complete picture.”

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