Trump’s anger over Tulsa rally underscores growing problems within his campaign

Trump has fumed about his campaign manager Brad Parscale over the half-empty arena, campaign officials are engaged in whisper campaigns against their colleagues, and some Trump allies are calling for a dramatic reorganization of the reelection machine, according to several current and former administration and campaign officials…

Trump’s relationship with his campaign has soured in recent months as officials have presented him with polls showing him trailing Biden in several key states. Public polling also shows Biden with a significant lead nationally and in swing states, a gap that has grown in recent months as the public has given Trump low marks for his handling of the pandemic, the economic crisis and racial strife. There’s a growing consensus inside the campaign world that Trump will have difficulty winning some states he won in 2016, such as Michigan and Pennsylvania, in November, officials said.

Tension between Trump and his campaign has escalated during the pandemic. The campaign resents Trump saying “really stupid things that drive the narrative in the wrong direction, and he thinks they’re incompetent fools who can’t fill an arena,” said the GOP operative, who added that a “dramatic reorganization” is needed with a “a grown-up in charge.”