Will Trump's rally prove as dumb as it sounds?

All of it — the disinformation and selfishness and political prioritization over public health — is a continuation of the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic since January. From depleting pandemic resources, denying the virus’ threat and praising the Chinese for their transparency, hesitating to use the Defense Production Act to surge supply of masks and tests, a plan for opening up at Easter, a push for unproven drugs and home cures with disinfectant, to burying CDC guidelines that were too strict and disappearing the coronavirus task force, the administration has been wrong all along. On the pandemic it has never been credible.

On Monday, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow was again slinging more virus BS, saying not only would there not be a second wave, but that the virus is “controllable.” It was an interesting choice of words, since Kudlow was roundly mocked when, in February, he said that “we have it contained.” Ironic too, since, in mid-June there is still no actual plan to control the spread of the virus — only a policy of acceptable infection and death levels.

After the Tulsa rally we can all hope no one comes away infected, bringing the disease to others there and elsewhere. But should an outbreak result from the BOK Center rally, the Trump team will have priced in an acceptable number of infections. How else could they continue with an indoor event this large? No matter how they spin it, the Trump campaign is willing to risk sickening thousands of people.