"The most acceptable white candidate": Black support lifts Warren’s VP prospects

“There needs to be a certain energy brought to the campaign and she has a different kind of energy,” said Mandela Barnes, Wisconsin’s first African American lieutenant governor. “Areas where Biden would have difficulty communicating, I think that’s a gap that she could close. … I look at groups of Black voters that coalesced around her … I think that [she] is the strongest case for a consensus candidate.”

Warren has received heaps of praise as she’s made a series of virtual appearances with Black leaders over the past few weeks. In a recent Zoom event hosted by the Rainbow Push coalition where Warren was the only white guest, Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia described her as a “staunch ally of Black people.”

“If she were the vice presidential selectee, I would be very happy with that,” Johnson said…

“Warren is certainly the most acceptable white candidate that could be chosen,” said Steve Phillips, founder of Democracy in Color who just recorded a podcast with Warren on reparations and “white allyship.”