The growing CHAZm in Seattle

But what’s the first thing the Chaztopians establish? Borders, baby. The chief of police explained that, in a generous act of appeasement, she ordered the removal of police barricades at the request of protesters who said they wanted to march “because we really wanted to establish trust. Instead of marching, the protesters … established their own barricades. So the streets we wanted to be clear are now no longer clear.”

Once they erected their own politically correct barricades, as Item One of Infrastructure Week in their Polizeifrei podunk, they posted a sign that reads, “You are now leaving the USA.”

And note, it’s not just an abstract border. They built a frick’n border wall! I swear I’ve heard people talking about border walls like they’re the concentrated evil in the microwave in Time Bandits.

Of course, the war on borders isn’t the hot new thing anymore. The latest protests are about the evils of the police. As I’ve said countless times, I think the protesters have some valid points, though not as many as they think they have. But that’s irrelevant for the moment. What did these Communards of the Pacific Northwest do after establishing borders? Create a police force. Well, not a force per se. They have no training or legal authority, but something marginally more elevated than Brute Squad. Whatever the right label, nothing stopped Raz Simone’s crew from declaring, “We are the police now.” Simone, the “warlord” of the wastelands, is walking around with an AK-47 and a sidearm. It’s almost like he thinks he needs a gun—or two—to impose order. Who’da thunk?