Trump and the Frank Drebin excuse for police brutality

On Tuesday, President Trump tweeted out a conspiracy theory in an attempt to suggest that the 75-year old Buffalo protester thrown to the ground by police essentially had it coming because he “could be an ANTIFA provocateur.”

This is not how this is supposed to work, however. We are a country of laws and due process. There’s a reason why cops are supposed to get a warrant before searching private property. They aren’t supposed to just randomly break down doors without cause to go on fishing expeditions in people’s homes in hopes of finding something.

If Floyd deserved to be arrested, cops could have done it without putting a knee to his neck for nearly nine minutes as he struggled to breathe. Regardless of whether the Buffalo protester was an “agitator,” multiple cops should be able to deal with an unarmed elderly man without throwing him to the ground with enough force that blood was visibly flowing from his head as he was knocked out cold.