Poll: Support for using military to quiet unrest now at 42/48

As the White House and the Pentagon clashed over the potential deployment of U.S. troops in cities bubbling with demonstrations protesting the alleged murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer, a new survey shows falling support for having those cities call in the military to back up their own law enforcement.

In a Morning Consult poll conducted Wednesday into Friday, 42 percent of Americans said they would support cities calling the U.S. military to supplement city police forces, down 13 points from a survey conducted Sunday into Monday. On the back of an 18-point uptick, nearly half (48 percent) of Americans polled said they opposed bringing in the military…

The declines in support were mostly fueled by Democrats: The latest poll finds 20 percent would support calling in the military, compared with 48 percent in the poll conducted late last week into early this week. Support among independents also ticked down, from 46 percent to 37 percent. Republican backing held strong, dropping just 3 points, to 71 percent.