Trump’s imminent defeat is wishful thinking by his opponents

Meanwhile, Trump’s refusal to mask up hurts him with the media, which energizes his base. It’s a mathematical certainty that the level of enthusiasm for Trump among his supporters increases in proportion to the level of media criticism he receives. Both will be off the charts by November.

Second on our list is Twitter v. Trump. After years of wailing and gnashing of teeth by the left (and many on the right) about Trump’s tweets, Twitter has caved and appointed itself Trump’s watchdog. It is a monumentally flawed decision that will almost certainly be walked back, lest social media’s Section 230 legal exemption in the 1996 Communications Decency Act be endangered.

There are those among us who have never understood why social media platforms should not be held responsible for their content, just as are newspapers, magazines and traditional broadcasters. Yes, so doing would severely curtail the irresponsible content that bombards social media. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Can we also require everyone online to comment using their real names, or is that too much accountability?