Amy Klobuchar's staff treatment likely to be an issue in VP vetting

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) will likely have to answer questions about whether she mistreated her staff over the years as she undergoes vetting to be Joe Biden’s running mate.

“The vetters will feel like they have to take this seriously, certainly recycle the reporting, push her on it in an interview, demand to see any complaints filed if they exist and probably talk to people who worked for her,” said a prominent Democrat familiar with the vice presidential vetting process…

“It would be extremely disappointing to see a vice presidential vetting process that didn’t take a serious look at Sen. Klobuchar’s treatment of staff,” said one person who once worked for her. “With so many qualified candidates, it doesn’t make any sense to select someone who has proven time and time again that she treats the people who work for her terribly behind closed doors.”