Swedes say U.S. protesters are missing the point of their COVID-19 strategy

The Swedish Public Health Agency’s strategy is based on trying to slow the spread of the virus as much as possible, not on keeping the economy going. The Swedish economy, heavily dependent on the global supply chain, is suffering just as much as many other countries. The decision to keep schools open was about freeing up health care workers to deal with the pandemic, not to stimulate the economy

For Swedish entrepreneur Vendela Ragnarsson, it is irresponsible to apply a strategy that Swedish authorities introduced as a proactive measure to slow down the spread of the infection to a different country and situation.

“I would describe these Republicans as turncoats,” Ragnarsson, who lives in Stockholm, says.

“You run the risk of sacrificing a large proportion of low-income earners and others who do not have adequate health insurance,” she says.