Poll: Social distancing eases as some states lift restrictions

Gallup finds declines in social distancing among residents of states that have scaled back social distancing orders, but also among residents of states that haven’t loosened restrictions.

On May 4, at the start of last week’s interviewing, 21 states had no stay-at-home order in place for their residents, either because theirs had expired or they never had one. Fifty-one percent of adults living in these states said they were completely or mostly isolating themselves. That compares with 64% of adults in those same states two weeks earlier when most of those states still had stay-at-home orders.

The percentage of adults completely or mostly isolating themselves also fell among residents of states that have maintained stay-at-home orders over this two-week period. The rate fell seven points from 71% in the April 20-26 reading to 64% May 4-10. Thus, factors other than one’s own state’s guidelines are evidently behind individuals’ decisions to get back into society.