French encouraged to eat more cheese as act of patriotism

French citizens are being asked to fulfill their patriotic duty and eat more cheese to help the dairy industry amid a massive surplus due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sales of certain cheeses have dropped as much as 60 percent since cheese makers can no longer sell to restaurants and open-air markets were forced to close, said France Terre de Lait, the French dairy industry, in a statement.

The industry said it’s calling on citizens “to eat cheese in solidarity with our producers of Saint-Nectaire, Reblochon, Cantal, Camembert.” The campaign is dubbed “Fromagissons” – or, “Let’s act for cheese.”

“The situation is critical and requires a rapid increase in consumption,” Damien Lacombe, president of the dairy collective Sodiaal told French agriculture magazine Agri Culture of the cheese predicament.